Google is promoting its program “adopt a start-up” and haunting for the potential start-ups who can take part in this program. It’s a good program for the fresh aspirants and its deadline is this Friday i.e. 1st April 2016. It’s a 12-week program and all the applicants will be matched as per the various parameters and if they score well on the defined standard, they will get a chance to promote their start-up business by developing their digital strategies with the help of a dedicated Google support team, consisting of two Google strategists and a senior Google manager.


In this program all the qualified aspirants and successful start-ups will get a chance to learn from the Google experts who will share their digital knowledge, business incisiveness and experience through various one-to-one mentoring sessions and a lecture series. The lecture series will take place in Google Ireland’s headquarters and covers the topics like digital strategy, search quality, Google analytics and Adwords optimization, website and app usability. The successful start-ups may also get the opportunity to share their developed digital strategies with the members of Google Ireland’s senior leadership and various prominent personalities in the Irish start-up community at an international final at Google.

Last year Google Adopt a Start-up program was won by Beats Medical, founded by Ciara Clancy. The company made an app that turns a smartphone into a medical device which is able to deliver treatment for Parkinson’s disease. From the last year onwards, Google started accepting entrants from outside of Ireland and it received the applications of start-ups from Bulgaria, Denmark, and Lithuania. Other previous winners of the program were an online community-based social enterprise FoodCloud and recruitment platform Jobbio.

The aim behind the program is simple. “Through Adopt a Startup Google just wants to give entrepreneurs every possible chance to succeed in the digital marketplace by working with its experts and sharing their work experiences with their fellow start-ups. It’s a golden opportunity for those who are creative, skilled, and hardworking, but can’t get a platform to convey their dreams and thoughts to transform the world with their magic in the absence of a big and stable platform.

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