Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q.1 How do I get in touch with Online Deals 2 Offer’s Customer Care Support?

Ans. If you require any assistance, please feel free send us an email at and our experts get in touch in least possible time.

Q. 2 How do I know my order has been confirmed?

Ans. Once your order has been logged and payment authorization has been received, we will confirms receipt of the order and begins processing it.

You will receive an email containing the details of your order when the seller receives it and confirms the same. In this mail you will be provided with a unique Order ID (eg. 01234576), a listing of the item(s) you have ordered and the expected delivery time.

You will also be notified when the seller ships the item(s) to you with a tracking code.

Q.3 How do I check the current status of my orders?

Ans. You can review the status of your orders and other related information in the ‘My Account’ section.

In the My Account page, click on the ‘My Orders’ link to view the status of all your orders. To view the status of a specific order, click on the ‘Order Number’ link.


Feel free to contact customer care through contact form or email us on

Q.4 How do I install or activate the software which I Purchased from Online Deals 2 Offer

Ans. Once your order has been logged and payment authorization has been received, we will confirms receipt of the order and send you the information about your product with complete install and activate instructions on your registered email address. You will also receive the Activation Code or Product Key of the same product within 24 hours.

If you haven’t received any information or product key on your email please feel free to contact us through our contact form.


Email us on

Q.5 Can I order a product that is ‘Out of Stock’?

Ans. You can review the status of your orders and other related information in the ‘My Account’ section.

Unfortunately, products listed as ‘Out of Stock’ are not available for sale. Please email us your requirement on We will inform your product’s availability with us.

Q.6 How do I pay for a Online Deals 2 Offer purchase?

Ans. Online Deals 2 Offer offers you multiple payment methods. Whatever your online mode of payment, you can rest assured that Online Deals 2 Offer’s trusted payment gateway partners use secure encryption technology to keep your transaction details confidential at all times.

Online Deals 2 Offer accepts payments made using Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express, Discover credit/debit cards, and PayPal to make your purchase.

Q.7 Are there any hidden charges (Sales Tax) when I make a purchase on Online Deals 2 Offer?

Ans. There are NO hidden charges when you make a purchase on Online Deals 2 Offer. The prices listed for all the items are final and all-inclusive. The price you see on the product page is exactly what you pay.

Delivery charges may be extra only for electronic items, depending on your location (Area).

Q.8 Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on Online Deals 2 Offer?

Ans. Your online transaction on Online Deals 2 Offer is secure with the highest levels of transaction security currently available on the Internet. Online Deals 2 Offer uses 256-bit encryption technology to protect your card information while securely transmitting it to the respective banks for payment processing.

All credit card and debit card payments on Online Deals 2 Offer are processed through secure and trusted payment gateways managed by leading banks. Banks now use the 3D Secure password service for online transactions, providing an additional layer of security through identity verification.

Q.9 What steps does Online Deals 2 Offer take to prevent card fraud?

Ans. Online Deals 2 Offer realizes the importance of a strong fraud detection and resolution capability. We and our online payments partners monitor transactions continuously for suspicious activity and flag potentially fraudulent transactions for manual verification by our team.

In the rarest of rare cases, when our team is unable to rule out the possibility of fraud categorically, the transaction is kept on hold, and the customer is requested to provide identity documents. The ID documents help us ensure that the purchases were indeed made by a genuine card holder. We apologies for any inconvenience that may be caused to customers and request them to bear with us in the larger interest of ensuring a safe and secure environment for online transactions.

Q.10 When and how can I cancel an order?

Ans. You can cancel items or orders that haven’t entered the shipping process or not activated yet by visiting the Order section in Your Account or email us at for quick cancellation process. After submitting the cancellation, we’ll send you a confirmation message to the e-mail address on your account and refund your money to your bank or credit card with 4-5 working days.

Q.11 Can I cancel part of my order?

Ans. If you placed a single order with multiple items, you can individually cancel delivery of any of them by contacting our customer care at However, an item can’t be cancelled individually if it is part of a combo or clubbed with another item.