Google’s artificial intelligence program made a resounding win over a champion in the complex board game Go in this month. The Go champion stated that there are not so much to professional game players as to Google’s competitors. There are many big companies in the tech industry, which are jockeying to become the go-to company for artificial intelligence. As per the industry’s statics, there are many companies who are involved in the race of a “platform war.”


If spectators and true believers in AI are right then the company that controls AI could lead the tech industry for many coming years because this long-promised technology is ready for the mainstream The next stage of the information will be dominated by the company who wins the race. To win this fight, there is no doubt that the big tech companies are using tit-for-tat publicity stunts, engaged in circling those starups that could provide them missing technology pieces, and more particularly trying to hire those smart brains at the as early stage as possible.

For years, this competition was man-versus-machine to make it believe that companies are performing well and making progress on AI.  It’s a very obvious example can be notice at the University of Toronto, where IBM pursued a startup that makes a smart legal assistant. IBM gave it a free offer to use its AI software, called Watson. IBM made another landmark when its Watson system successfully completed a three-day match on the television trivia show “Jeopardy!” Another example is when IBM beat the World Chess Champion Garry Kasparov.

Today, Watson system is the centerpiece of IBM’s AI efforts. Now Google has joined the race and it’s drawing everyone’s attention and pointing to a consolidation among tech’s renowned companies through its AI programme. It has been observed through a survey that by 2020, the market for machine learning applications will touch the value of about $40 billion. And about 60 per cent of those applications will be running on the platform software of four big tech giants —Google, IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft.

The scientific journal Nature published an article explaining about how the Facebook GO-playing program had beaten a European Go champion in five consecutive matches. This was a great effort by a tech giant, Facebook. But this attempt wad over shaded by Google’s software Go Victory by its powerful Go-playing AI software this year in the month of January. Google’s latest software Go victory beat the Go Grandmaster Lee Se-dol 4-1 in South Korea this month.

IBM is planning to make its the broadest entry into AI and it has taken its first step towards it by making its Watson unit which works in two ways as a software and a services business, with a particular technology tailored to specific industries. This AI unit has been downloaded and tried out by more than 80,000 developers, and today, the Watson division has 500 industry partners, including big tech giants and start-ups. Even the future of the intelligent software applications is very demanding and it’ll become a common place as machine learning is about to  touch every industry in the future.

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