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Product Description

McAfee AntiVirus Plus helps you to protect your most private files with encryption software. It keeps you connected to the internet, without slowing down your PC’s. It locks out viruses, hackers and spam while providing parental control and firewall protection. It even blocks spyware programs web pages that track your online activities and attempt to steal your credit card data, thereby protecting your identity during shopping, banking, and other security based activity.


It features anti-theft and file protection for iOS tablets and smartphones, it allows data backup, anti-theft, app privacy, and Wi-Fi protection for android tablets and smartphones, it protects every device you own with the same subscription at no extra cost, prevents your device from spreading malware and spam, permanently deletes sensitive digital files, helps to avoid risky websites and prevent dangerous downloads and finally, you get free round the clock support for the life of your subscription.

Box content

This sales package includes a compact disc which can be used for activating the software in a single PC for a period of one year.


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