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New Start Screen, Internet Explorer 13 Version ( Upgrade ) Really Fast, Media Player: HD Media Files can access, Ribbon User Interface in Explorer, Better virus protection and security, Better Support for Virtualized systems, like SkyDrive, More efficient wireless connection management, Multi-Touch Interface Support, Really Fast Install, Storage Spaces, PowerShell Web Service Interface, HTML 5 good Support, Full remote desktop support, History Vault, New App Certification Remote Applications, Improved performance and smarter backups, Lots of Applications store inbuilt Instant-On and Improved Power Settings, Innovative & Dynamic Desktop, Windows Live Syncing, Exchange ActiveSync built-in, Use a picture password to log into your computer, Speedy Boot Time, Good Graphics Hardware Acceleration, Microsoft account integration, Family Safety like Applications downloading, Advanced file Handling, VM 3D graphic and ARM Processor Support, Remote Attestation Service, Windows to Go makes Windows 8.1 Plug-and-play on any PC, Fast boot Performance SkyDrive integration, Malware protection, Large disk support, Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI), Cloud Integration, Windows Live Integration, Built-In PDF Reader, ISO Mounting, File Download Verification, Aero Auto-Colorization, Factory Settings Restore, Native USB 3.0 Support, Better Support for Multiple Monitors, split screen.


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