US IT officials have found a way to get the access of the data stored and used by the gunman in the December carnage in San Bernardino, California. Apple has confirmed that US may not need the help to unlock an iPhone connected to a drug case happened in New York. It had been approached by a third party about how it’s possible to get access and control of the San Bernardino shooter’s phone and fetch the data said the Federal Bureau of Investigation stated.


Apple was making fighting attempts to force it to unlock the drug dealer’s phone for long till the accident has happened before the California case thrust and prior to the battle between the company and the government came into the spotlight. Apple has filed a plea and asked a federal judge in Brooklyn to hold off a deadline for submissions in the case there, by justifying their view by saying that the government may not need its help for accessing the drug dealer’s phones. Government of New York may use the same method to access the iPhones that the government of California used.

US district judge gave the time to the government until March 29th 2016 to respond to Apple’s letter. “The DOJ claims that if the same method will not work on the iPhone here, Apple will ask to test that claim, as well as any claims made by the government that other methods may not be used,” said Apple’s attorneys in the letter. The government made an appeal in the month of February before a magistrate judge’s that the company doesn’t find the need to co-operate with investigators in the Brooklyn iPhone case.

So the government needs Apple’s help because there is a self-destruct feature on newer iPhones which wipes out data if prosecutors use “brute force” techniques to hack in. In the case of drug dealer, the contents of the phone were not backed up to remote cloud storage so the physical device is the only ray of hope to get the data. In a reply, Apple said any movement on the case will be given after April 5th 2016, because it’s the time when the Justice Department will report about the status of its efforts to test the potential workaround of the government in the San Bernardino case.

Apple said that as the technology used in both the cases differs, so the officials need to wait till April 5th 2016. The dealer’s phone in Brooklyn was operating on the iOS 7 platform which was an older operating system was more prone to get hacked whereas the shooter’s phone was operating on a   newer operating system which is more secure than earlier. It’s so secure that even Apple itself may not break into it.

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